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Mission Statement

We, as a unified team, are committed to providing exceptional service for our participants, local unions, and employers, while remaining a family-oriented organization. Every day, each of us must recognize the responsibility we have been given to provide benefits, and we strive to positively impact the quality of life for our participants and their families with dedication and integrity.

Message from the Board of Trustees

Thank you for visiting MyTeamCare.org, the website for TeamCare, a Central States Health Plan.

We are very pleased to have you as a participant in what we truly believe is an excellent and comprehensive plan of benefits—TeamCare. TeamCare is your Health Plan—a plan that we, as your Trustees, have been given the responsibility to administer exclusively in your interests and the interests of the tens of thousands of other participants and dependents who share in its benefits. Through the collective bargaining process, representatives of both labor and management agreed your work deserves excellent health care benefits under TeamCare.

Back in 1950, when the Central States Fund started, the Trustees in place at that time had only one purpose in mind. That purpose was to provide those employees and their families, with the highest level of benefits possible. For over 60 years, we believe that purpose has been carried out and pledge our efforts in the years ahead to continue to provide nothing less than the very best benefits through the Central States Health Fund, TeamCare.

Please take the time to browse our website. We hope that by learning about your TeamCare benefits it will bring you and your family comfort and peace of mind.

We wish you and your family good health now and in the years ahead.

The Board of Trustees

Employee/Union TrusteesEmployer Trustees
Charles A. Whobrey
George J. Westley
Marvin Kropp
Gary Dunham

Arthur H. Bunte, Jr.
Gary F. Caldwell
Greg R. May
Christopher J. Langan

Executive Director 
Thomas C. Nyhan  

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