What are my Dental Benefits?

Your Dental Plan covers standard dental care. You may find your benefit information by logging into to view your Plan Benefit Profile.

Who is covered under my Dental Plan?

The Dental benefit covers you, your eligible spouse, and your eligible children until they reach age 26. Mentally or permanently physically disabled children may be eligible for some benefits after they turn 26 if they meet requirements for continued coverage.

When was my last Dental exam and cleaning?

Check your Summary of Benefits Used for the date of your last exam and cleaning. Dental exams and cleanings are allowed under your Dental Plan once every six months to the date.

Are sealants covered? If so, up to what age?

Sealants are covered for children through age 13.

Are dental implants covered?

Dental implants are covered as of Jan. 1, 2018 under your dental benefits up to your annual dental maximum (if applicable). 

Are fluoride treatments covered?

Yes. Fluoride treatments are covered for dependent children until they reach age 26.

My procedure wasn’t completed before I was laid-off. Will TeamCare pay if I have the procedure completed?

Yes. The following services will be covered if completed within one year:

  • Dentures: full or partial, if the impression was taken while you were a Covered Individual;
  • Fixed bridgework, gold restorations and crowns: if tooth or teeth were prepared while you were a Covered Individual; and
  • Root canal therapy: if the tooth or teeth were opened for treatment while you were a Covered Participant.

Does the Dental Plan coordinate benefits?

Yes. If you or your dependents are covered by another group plan that provides Dental benefits, we will coordinate with your other plan. In no case will the total payment from this Plan and any other insurance exceed the dentist’s charges.

Can I have a procedure pre-determined?

Yes. You can have a procedure pre-determined for charges of $500 or more. Predetermination of Benefits is available and recommended.

What are the advantages of using a dentist that’s in the Humana Dental Network?

If you use a Humana in-network provider, coinsurance through your plan will be based on the negotiated contracted rates. This means you will extend your dental benefit and have lower out-of-pocket expenses. Visit Humana  to find a dentist near you.

For crowns, bridges, partials and/or dentures, do you pay dental benefits on the impression date or insertion date?

Generally, benefits are paid on the date of completion/insertion. Certain eligibility conditions may warrant payment on impression or treatment start date.

When should X-rays be submitted for dental work performed or proposed?

X-Rays are necessary on a case by case basis and when major dental work is performed. If a claim is received that requires X-ray review, TeamCare will send a request to your dentist.

My dentist does not file claims. I have to file them. Where should they be sent?

Mail claims to:

P. O. Box 5116
Des Plaines, IL 60017-5116

When you complete the claim form, consult your TeamCare ID card to ensure that all your information is accurate. This includes your ID number (your 806 number), subscriber, patient’s name, and date of birth. Any incorrect information will delay the processing of claims.

Can my dentist sign up to be a Humana provider?

Each provider must decide if they wish to participate in a network. Your dentist can contact Humana at A dental network consultant will follow up on their request.

Are there any dental procedures my plan does not cover?

Your TeamCare Dental Plan is a comprehensive plan that includes coverage for most procedures. However, some procedures are not covered. You may find your benefit information by logging into to view your Plan Benefit Profile.

Are periodontal services for children covered?

Typically periodontal services are not covered for children. However, if necessary, we will consider benefits for adult children aged 19 – 25.