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Do you need to request a new ID Card?

Jun 4 2018

Find out when — and how — to request a new TeamCare Medical or Benefits ID Card.

What you need to know about going out-of-network

May 22 2018

Staying in-network ensures that you get access to the best service at the lowest prices. But what happens in the event that you have to go out-of-network?

Save hundreds of dollars by using US Imaging

Feb 2 2018

Schedule an advanced imaging test with US Imaging, and it is covered at no cost to you.

Reduce the risk of diabetes 

Feb 2 2018

TeamCare is here to help you with diabetes prevention.

IRS Form 1095-B verifies healthcare coverage

Jan 29 2018

TeamCare is sending Form 1095-B to help you when preparing your federal tax income return.

Get answers easily using the online Message Center

Jan 3 2018

Our online Message Center was developed as an easy and convenient way for members to get answers regarding benefits.

The high cost of going out-of-network

Oct 30 2017

TeamCare provides access to an extensive network of the best doctors, providers, facilities, and hospitals in your area.

TeamCare responds to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria

Oct 27 2017

Union stewards at TeamCare recently presented a check to International Brotherhood of Teamsters Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall.

Flu season is here...again!

Oct 20 2017

With three easy ways to get a flu vaccine this year, there is no excuse not to protect you and your family from the flu virus.

Choose an in-network provider

Oct 2 2017

Call the number on your card or find a provider below to avoid costly surprises.