Medical advice available 24/7 when you need it

Thursday, March 16, 2017

When you have a health question, you want a reliable trusted source for information – not random answers from an Internet search. Through TeamCare’s partnership with Mayo Clinic, you can pick up the phone and call the Ask Mayo Clinic at 800-700-MAYO (6296) anytime day or night. Calls are answered by experienced registered nurses who have been specially trained to handle telephone health inquiries.

Mayo nurses will help you decide the right level of care for an illness or injury while avoiding needless expense and wasted time. You may speak to them about general health information, a second opinion, or non-emergency advice.

The top five reasons TeamCare members called Ask Mayo Clinic during the last year include: chest pain discomfort, skin problems, back or leg pain, nausea, and blood pressure concerns. Based on the symptoms you describe, Ask Mayo Clinic nurses can help you reach a recommendation for care.

Keep in mind regular visits to your doctor are a vital part of managing your health, and the Ask Mayo Clinic program does not diagnose conditions and is not a substitute for doctor visits or 911 emergencies.

The experience of Ask Mayo Clinic is just a phone call away, all at no cost to you. The number is listed on your TeamCare Benefits ID card, so it is available to you whether you are home or traveling anywhere in the U.S.