The high cost of going out-of-network

Monday, October 30, 2017

Whether you are trying to get healthy, stay healthy or live with a chronic illness, TeamCare provides access to an extensive network of the best doctors, providers, facilities, and hospitals in your area. Many of the country’s best surgeons, specialists, and healthcare providers are part of your TeamCare PPO network.

When you receive treatment by a provider that is not in the TeamCare PPO network, TeamCare has no control over what the provider charges for their service. In most cases, out-of-network charges are much higher than the negotiated fees of our in-network providers. When using an out-of-network provider, you will be responsible for the difference between the TeamCare allowed charges and the actual charges for the services. Depending on the service, you could be responsible for hundreds, and possibly, thousands of dollars to an out-of-network provider.

Also remember going out-of-network can cause the loss of eligibility for the TeamCare Family Protection Benefit. The Family Protection Benefit covers your family with free TeamCare benefits in the event of your death. To qualify for the Family Protection Benefit, you and your covered family members must use TeamCare in-network providers exclusively for all non-emergency medical care during the two-year period before your death. This important benefit provides peace of mind and could save your family thousands of dollars a year.

TeamCare’s extensive PPO network gives members access to hospitals, treatment centers, and doctors that treat substance abuse. Getting care in-network helps avoid surprise out-of-pocket expenses that are your responsibility when you go out-of-network. To find a provider near you, visit our Find a Provider section.

Out-of-Network high costs