Where is the best place to go when you need medical help?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Margie’s child woke up with a fever at 2 a.m. Instead of waiting and worrying, running to the emergency room or calling her doctor — she picked up the phone and called Ask Mayo Clinic at 1-800-700-MAYO (6296). All TeamCare members enjoy peace of mind with free unlimited access to registered nurses at the Mayo Clinic.

“I talked with a nurse and she was extremely helpful. It turns out that, in my case, I did not have to take my sick daughter out in the middle of the night to an emergency room.”

It’s smart to know your choices to make sure you get the quality care you need — when you need it. This simple chart gives you an idea of where you should seek care to get the most out of your healthcare benefits.

Where to Seek Care Average Cost Average Wait Time
Ask Mayo Clinic Nurses
are just a phone call away
$0 26 sec
Your Doctor
is a first choice for non-emergency care
$ 24 min
Retail Clinics
for care when you can't see your doctor
$ 15 min
Urgent Care
for immediate attention in non-emergencies
$$$$ 11-20 min
Emergency Rooms
for life-threatening problems
$$$$$$ 4 hours, 7 min


Ask Mayo Clinic is not a substitute for 911. In the event of a true medical emergency, dial 911 immediately or go to your local hospital emergency room. Chart information provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

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