We would like to welcome our potential members from XPO Logistics to TeamCare! TeamCare has been a trusted name in labor healthcare for more than half a century. TeamCare was founded in 1950 and was one of the first non-profit labor health funds in the United States. Today TeamCare covers the lives of 500,000 members from 1,100 different employers, making it the largest labor healthcare fund in the country. With a proud history, our members and their families have the financial security of quality, affordable healthcare.


Your healthcare is our focus. As a trusted leader in healthcare for over half a century, our mission is to enrich our members' lives through superior benefits, compassionate care, and exceptional service. We strive to put our promise to work for you every day.


Helpful information regarding TeamCare and the proposed healthcare benefits:


So how does TeamCare fit into the negotiations between the Teamsters and XPO?


TeamCare is a 3rd party to your union negotiations. Your Teamsters Local Union and XPO Logistics are in the process of collectively bargaining a union contract that provides wages, work rules, safety provisions, and benefits. If both parties agree that TeamCare should be the healthcare benefits provider for the union employees at XPO, then you can rest easy, as we have been providing union members with benefits for over 70 years.


TeamCare is governed by a Board of Trustees that has a set of Trustees that represent the union, and an equal set of Trustees who represent the employers.



XPO Logistics and Teamsters Diagram