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TeamCare offers a full-range of medical benefits designed to provide you the best care available at the lowest cost to you, depending on your benefit plan.

Need an ID Card?

You have the option of a digital ID card viewable on your smartphone or a printable ID card after you log in to your account and select Request a New ID Card.

Find a Provider

As one of the largest Health Funds in the country, TeamCare provides access to the largest PPO networks.

Latest News

Need a flu shot or vaccine? TeamCare has you covered

Vaccinations play a huge role in protection against serious disease for you and your family.

Medical advice available 24/7 when you need it

As a TeamCare member, you can call the Ask Mayo Clinic anytime day or night with health questions — at no cost to you.

Health and Wellness

Searching for the right doctor? TeamCare can help

Find a Provider saves you out-of-pocket costs while still offering quality medical care.

Is there a baby on the way? TeamCare delivers benefits at every stage of life

Expecting a baby is an exciting time, and your TeamCare benefits can give you peace of mind.

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