Be sure to Ask 5 during your next appointment

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

When it comes to expensive purchases, most of us ask many questions before buying the item. Unfortunately, we don’t take that same approach with our own medical care.

It’s easy to feel that medical care is out of your hands, and you’re at the mercy of doctors, hospitals, and even the various TeamCare networks. Being an informed healthcare consumer has become even more important than ever and can provide better care for you and your family.

Before you make an appointment with a doctor, think through your symptoms and health concerns. It’s important to write these down so that when you’re with the doctor you remember everything that brought you in for your appointment.

Once you’re at the doctor’s office, don’t be shy — Ask 5. Go to your doctor with a prepared list of at least 5 specific questions. Continue to ask questions until you understand. Learn all you can about your condition and any medications you are prescribed.

Some medical tests, medications, and procedures may not be right for you, and a conversation with your doctor helps you avoid unnecessary, duplicative, or overly risky care.