Find a Provider

Looking for a new provider that’s in your network and your area? Using the Find a Provider tool is an easy way to find a nearby provider who has partnered with TeamCare. 
Use the links below to find a provider through one of our trusted partners’ websites.

Medical Providers

Routine checkups and screenings are an important part of your overall health — and they're covered under your wellness benefit.
Find a Doctor’s Office That’s Convenient for You

Your medical network is Blue Cross Blue Shield unless you live in Ohio. If you live in Ohio, your network is Medical Mutual. Please have your ID card ready to help identify your exact plan on your network's website. On BCBS' website, choose "Search All Providers," and then filter your results by "Network Type" and choose "Participating Provider Organization."

Visit BCBS' website to find a medical provider
Call to find a BCBS provider: 1-800-810-2583

Visit Medical Mutual's website to find a medical provider
Call to find a Medical Mutual provider: 1-800-601-9208


If you are eligible for a dental benefit, you are free to choose any dentist you want for you and your family, without an out-of-network penalty. There is no mandatory dental network. 
Maximize Your Benefits through Humana Dental

We offer a voluntary network through Humana Dental that provides negotiated discounts and protection from balance billing when using an in-network provider. This means lower out-of-pocket payments for you!

Visit Humana’s website to find a dental provider
Call to find a dental provider: 1-800-592-3112


If you are eligible for a vision benefit, you’ll never pay an out-of-network penalty, whether you choose a provider in the EyeMed network or not.
Same Money and Time Through EyeMed

You’ll save even more money on eye care services by using our voluntary vision network of more than 24,000 provider locations including LensCrafters®, Sears Optical®, Target Optical®, and Pearle Vision®. On EyeMed's website, choose the "Select" network to find a provider.

Visit EyeMed’s website to find a vision provider
Call EyeMed to find a vision provider: 1-866-393-3401


Our partnership with CVS caremark™ means you’ll pay less for the prescription medicines you need, through a network of more than 68,000 pharmacies.
Short-Term or Maintenance, You’re Covered With CVS caremark™

Whether you need a 30-day supply of a covered medication or a 90-day supply of your long-term medications, CVS caremark™ offers TeamCare members convenient options and lower prices.

Visit the CVS caremark™ website to find a pharmacy


You won’t pay a cent for your outpatient advanced imaging tests if you schedule through USIN.
Save Hundreds on Scans With USIN

Whether you need an MRI, CT, or PET scan, you can schedule through USIN at no cost to you.

Call USIN to find your closest location and to schedule your scan: 1-877-674-0674


Need lab work done? Take advantage of TeamCare’s partnership with Quest Diagnostics' Lab Card program.
Schedule Your Tests With Quest

Using your TeamCare Lab Benefit through Quest Diagnostics' Lab Card program means your covered tests are payable at 100%, with no deductible.

Visit Lab Card's website to find your closest location

Bariatric Surgery

If you’re seeking bariatric surgery, you first need to get authorization and meet specific medical criteria established by your PPO Network.
Find a Facility

All bariatric surgeries must be performed at a Blue Distinction Center (if your network is BCBS), a Center of Excellence hospital (if your network is Medical Mutual), or a Mayo Clinic facility (available to members in both networks). You can find an approved facility, which meets nationally established quality measures, at the links below:

Mayo Clinic locations in ArizonaFlorida, and Minnesota.

BlueCross BlueShield: Blue Distinction Centers

Medical Mutual: Center of Excellence Facilities 

Please verify that your procedure is scheduled at an approved facility prior to your surgery date.