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TeamCare Benefits

TeamCare is proud to offer our members the most comprehensive healthcare benefits possible, thanks to our extensive network. Whether you’re trying to get healthy, stay healthy, or manage your health needs, we’re here to help you feel your best. 


TeamCare is one of the nation’s largest Health Funds, giving you access to the most extensive provider network available.


TeamCare’s partnership with CVS caremark™  brings you the very best prescription program. Pay less for prescription medicine and get refills close to home with more than 68,000 participating pharmacies.

Short-Term Disability

We know peace of mind is priceless. If you become disabled and unable to work due to a non-work related illness or injury, TeamCare’s Short-Term Disability benefits ensure you get paid each week. The exact benefits and number of weekly payments will depend on your plan. 


Your dental health is our priority. You may use any provider you wish; however taking advantage of TeamCare’s partnership with Humana Dental provides you and your family with top-notch coverage and additional advantages.


TeamCare’s partnership with EyeMed gives you comprehensive coverage for routine eye exams and additional advantages that ensure your vision is cared for. You don’t have to use a provider through the EyeMed network, but choosing an in-network provider ensures you have optimal coverage and additional advantages.

Retiree Health Plans

If you qualify, TeamCare delivers additional health benefits for retirees, including Medicare supplement programs offered through Humana (TeamCare Advantage/Gold).

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Participating in the TeamCare Health Plan

If you’re a new hire, enjoying all the benefits of TeamCare is easy. Typically, you will become eligible the Sunday after the Plan receives eight weeks of contributions on your behalf within a 52-week period. Exact eligibility rules may vary depending on the terms of your employer's collective bargaining agreement. New Groups that join TeamCare with immediate coverage are waived from this requirement.

You will continue to be covered by TeamCare for each week an employer reports a contribution on your behalf. For additional questions, contact TeamCare through your Message Center, or by calling us at 1-800-TEAMCARE (1-800-832-6227). 

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