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Prescription Benefits

We know that convenience is a major factor in making sure your prescriptions are filled regularly and taken routinely. That’s why we’ve partnered with CVS Caremark®, the nation’s leading pharmacy benefit manager, to provide you with the best prescription benefits possible.

The TeamCare Prescription Drug Benefit covers charges for eligible drugs prescribed by a physician or dentist that are not available over the counter without a prescription. With TeamCare’s prescription benefits, you’ll enjoy:

  • Up to a 30-day supply of covered medications, filled at any participating pharmacy.
  • Up to a 90-day supply of covered medications through a CVS Retail Pharmacy, the Caremark Mail Service pharmacy, or other pharmacies listed at

You can locate a participating pharmacy near you by logging in at or calling CVS Caremark® Customer Care at 1-888-483-2650.

  • Short-Term Prescriptions

    Short-term prescriptions are those used to treat acute illnesses or injuries, that are usually only needed for one or two 30-day fills. If a generic drug is available, the amount you pay out-of-pocket will be less than if you choose the brand-name drug.

    Members can fill short-term medications, such as antibiotics, through the National Retail network, which includes an expansive list of over 68,000 chain and independent pharmacies (Excluding Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Amazon/PillPack).

  • Long-Term Prescriptions

    Long-term prescriptions are typically used to treat a chronic illness, such as asthma or high blood pressure, and are prescribed for more than 90 days. Similar to short-term prescriptions, you can lower your out-of-pocket cost by choosing a generic drug when available. 

    Maintenance Choice

    Maintenance Choice is a long-term prescription program that lets you easily fill a 90-day supply of covered medication at participating pharmacies.  Some states use an alternate network for long-term fills, Retail 90, in place of the Maintenance Choice network.

    Effective October 1st, 2023, CVS Caremark® expanded the Maintenance Choice network to allow additional pharmacies to join. This network historically required members to fill their 90-day fills of maintenance medications exclusively at a CVS Retail pharmacy. 

    Maintenance medications filled in 90-day supplies

    Your copay or coinsurance will be lower if you fill your long-term medications as a 90-day supply.

    Members can fill a 90-day supply through a CVS Retail Pharmacy, the Caremark Mail Service pharmacy, or other pharmacies listed at Additional pharmacies participating in the Maintenance Choice or Retail 90 Networks may also be an option depending on the state you reside.  To see if you are impacted, review the State Laws page.

    To use the CVS Caremark® Mail Order Pharmacy complete the Mail Service Order Form, log in at or call CVS Caremark® at 1-800-875-0867 to order by phone.

    Maintenance medications filled in 30-day supplies

    Your copay or coinsurance will be higher if you fill your long-term medications in 30-day supplies.

    Maintenance medications can be filled as a 30-day supply twice at any participating pharmacy in the National Retail network. After the second fill at retail, maintenance medications must be filled as a 90-day supply through the Maintenance Choice network, or you will be responsible for 50% of the cost of the medication if you continue to fill as a 30-day supply through the National Retail network.

  • State Laws

    Some states have passed legislation which imposes restrictions on the Maintenance Choice networks and how long-term maintenance medications can be filled. Find a full breakdown on our State Laws page on how your state is handling these new legislations.

  • Special Requirements and Quantity Limits

    For some drugs, you will need to meet certain criteria before your prescription drug coverage is approved. Some drugs may also have limits on the quantity of medication dispensed per prescription.