IRS Form 1095-B verifies healthcare coverage

Monday, January 29, 2018

Just like you receive a W-2 from your employer, TeamCare issues a Form 1095-B to help you when preparing your federal income tax return. Form 1095-B provides information on the type of coverage you and your dependents had in 2017 to ensure minimum essential standards of healthcare coverage were met as outlined by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Some call it your “proof of insurance.”

While the information on Form 1095-B may assist you in preparing a return, it is not required. Like previous years, taxpayers can prepare and file their returns using other information about their health insurance.

What is minimal essential coverage? The ACA mandates that individuals and their dependents must have health insurance that meets guidelines set by the government, or potentially pay a penalty.

Does TeamCare provide minimum essential coverage? Yes. TeamCare is required by federal law to send you the form, and report the information to the IRS.

The form will be mailed in January, and will be available online shortly afterward. Just log in and look for the 1095-B link on your dashboard under Quick Links or find it under My Documents. 

Find more information on the Form 1095-B FAQ page.