“Man-up” — Recognize depression before it’s too late

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Men are 4 times more vulnerable than women because…

Society has put pressure on men to be strong, tough, and in control of their emotions. Because of this, most men find depression a very difficult topic to discuss. Rather than seeking treatment or discussing their depression, men try to “tough it out” causing them to suffer silently for years until they reach their breaking point or until it becomes fatal.

No one should pretend that they are invincible to a disease that affects over 16 million Americans a year. The number one misconception that men have is that depression is just a feeling, and men don’t feel comfortable talking about their feelings. However, depression is far more than a feeling. Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain that over time slowly causes the body to shut down. Depression can affect appetite, sleep patterns, work, concentration, and it can make you feel sad, hopeless, and empty.

Depression is a treatable illness with the right help and support. Recognizing depression is the first step to overcoming it whether you are a woman or man. The second step is getting professional support. To find an in-network Behavioral Health provider, you can use the “Find a Provider” link at MyTeamCare.org.

3 Most Common Overlooked Signs of Depression in Men

  1. Anger – no longer has a sense of humor, has a short temper, is very irritable, and is sensitive to criticism
  2. Reckless behavior – may begin to engage in risky behaviors such as engaging in dangerous sports, driving recklessly, or drinking too much
  3. Physical pain – depression in men can show up as physical symptoms such as backache, headaches, sleep problems, or digestive disorders that aren’t improving with normal treatment