Maximize your Outpatient Lab benefit

Monday, May 2, 2016

As part of your TeamCare health benefit plan, you and your eligible dependents may obtain outpatient laboratory testing at no cost by using the QuestSelect program. This means your deductible and coinsurance does not apply when covered lab testing is performed through QuestSelect.

The program covers outpatient lab work such as blood and urine testing, cytology, pathology, and throat cultures. When tests are ordered by your physician, simply show your doctor your TeamCare Medical ID card and TeamCare Benefits ID card that lists QuestSelect information, and ask them to send your specimen to QuestSelect. To avoid any charges, your physician must mark QuestSelect on the paperwork submitted with the specimen. If your physician collects the specimen at their office, collection and handling fees may apply.

If specimens are not collected at your physician’s office, you may visit a QuestSelect site to have your specimen taken. To find a lab near you, go to Find a Provider or call 1-800-646-7788.

QuestSelect is a voluntary program. If you do not use the QuestSelect program, you will be responsible for any deductible and coinsurance. You may find your benefit information by logging into and selecting Participant Dashboard to view your Plan Benefit Profile. For more information on QuestSelect, go to