Save hundreds of dollars by using USIN

Friday, February 2, 2018

If your doctor orders an outpatient advanced imaging test (MRI, CT, or PET scan) make sure to schedule it through USIN so it is covered at no cost to you. By calling 877-674-0674, USIN will set up an appointment at a time and location that is convenient for you. At your appointment, present your Benefits ID Card and they’ll take care of the rest. Test results will be sent directly to your doctor. 

If a USIN facility is more than 40 miles from your home, TeamCare will make a network exception, and your outpatient advanced imaging test will be covered at 100 percent. To utilize this network exception, you must contact TeamCare prior to getting your test conducted at an in-network PPO facility. 

If you do not call USIN to schedule your advanced imaging test or you do not have a network exception, your claim will be paid according to your Plan’s Major Medical Benefit after your Plan Deductible is met.