Summer health concerns and safety tips

Monday, July 13, 2020

Happy family having a barbecue with grill outdoors.

It’s been a long winter/spring, and then throw in a pandemic to boot. Summer is coming and it’s the season to spend time with your family, enjoy life, and appreciate the beauty of nature. But, keep in mind that personal safety, health, and security are paramount. Be very careful to protect yourself and your family from any hazards. Many health issues come in summer.

Here are the four most common summer health issues:

The chances of dehydration increase during summers due to warm air and high temperature that results in water loss. Heat stroke is the most common cause of dehydration. Your body’s inner temperature goes to a high level and causes the body to excrete more sweat in an attempt to cool itself down. At all times, you must carry enough water with you to protect from dehydration.

Sunburn is caused you when you spend too much time being exposed to direct sunlight especially during the summer. You need to protect yourself from sunburn by applying SPF skin creams and lotions and keeping out of direct sunlight. You may consider wearing a hat and sunglasses.

Food Poisoning
Summers are best for going out for picnics, outings, parties, vacations, etc. which commonly involve eating outside. The problem with eating outside is how long the food is out in the heat. Be careful of bacteria and viruses which grow in hot weather. Food poisoning symptoms may include: vomiting, feeling weak, fever, aching muscles, and diarrhea. If someone has developed these symptoms, consult a doctor immediately, or call Teladoc.

Food poisoning sickens 1 in 6 people annually. Make sure food safety is part of your menu this season!

  • Clean: When preparing food, wash hands and surfaces often.
  • Separate: Use separate plates for raw food when cooking/grilling.
  • Cook: Cook food to the right temperature.
  • Chill: Don’t leave food at room (or outside) temperature for longer than two hours.

Accidents are more likely to happen during summer. People enjoy a drink when they’re off boating or at a picnic. While it may be okay at the time, the problem arises when the alcohol affects the ability to drive and observe safety. Most boat and car accidents can be prevented with just an ounce of caution. If needed, designate a driver. Don’t let the mix of heat and alcohol cause an accident this summer.