Health Benefits

Not Your Average Health Plan

Unlike other insurance carriers, TeamCare offers comprehensive solutions for all your healthcare needs. Whether you’re trying to get healthy, stay healthy or live with a chronic illness, TeamCare provides you access to an extensive network of the best doctors, providers, facilities and hospitals in your area. Beyond the usual medical and prescription coverage, most TeamCare plans also include Dental, Vision, Short-Term Disability and Life Insurance as standard benefits. 


TeamCare is one of the nation’s largest Health Funds in the country, providing you access to the largest PPO networks available. There are no Plan Deductibles to meet for a covered physician’s office visit. You simply make a co-payment.

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TeamCare has partnered with CVS/caremark, a leading pharmacy benefit manager, to manage the TeamCare prescription program. The program allows you to pay less for prescription medicine, with more than 68,000 prescription pharmacies.

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Short-Term Disability

If you become disabled due to a non-work-related illness or injury and cannot work, most TeamCare plans offer Short-Term Disability benefits to provide you with some income. The benefits and the number of weekly payments is specific to your plan.

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TeamCare Dental benefits deliver comprehensive coverage for dental care. You may use any dental provider for services; however, TeamCare offers a voluntary dental network through Humana Dental that provides you with optimal coverage and additional advantages.

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TeamCare Vision benefits deliver comprehensive coverage for routine eye-care. You may use any vision provider for services; however, TeamCare offers a voluntary vision network through EyeMed that provides you with optimal coverage and additional advantages.

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Retiree Health Plans

If you qualify, TeamCare delivers additional Retiree Health benefits including Medicare supplement programs offered through Humana (TeamCare Advantage/Gold).

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Participating in the TeamCare Health Plan

For a new hire, you're eligible for TeamCare benefits the Sunday after the Plan receives eight weeks of contributions on your behalf within a 52-week period. This requirement is waived for New Groups that join the Plan with immediate coverage.

You are covered for TeamCare benefits only when a contribution was reported by your employer for the week you received services. Your Collective Bargaining Agreement explains when your employer is required to contribute, or you can contact TeamCare for further information.