Welcome to TeamCare

Upon the implementation of your UPS National Contract, TeamCare will become your new health benefits provider.

All of us at TeamCare are proud that you and your UPS co-workers chose TeamCare as your new health care provider under the new national master contract with UPS. When your health insurance changes to TeamCare from the UPS Company plan, you’ll be joining 250,000 Teamster family members who have long trusted TeamCare for their health care. With our new UPS members, TeamCare will now be home to nearly 500,000 Teamster family members making it one of the largest health funds in the country.

With TeamCare, UPS Teamsters continue to pay NO premiums, NO deductibles until the last contract year, and in many cases NO co-payments for medical, prescription, vision, dental, life and disability insurance. There’s no annual maximum on the medical benefits that can be used and the out-of-pocket cap of $2,000 per family under TeamCare is far superior to that offered under the UPS Company Plan. In addition, you'll find that TeamCare’s co-payments for medical office visits, routine physicals, and other services are the same as you pay under the current company plan – and less than UPS would have charged in its proposed plan. With TeamCare, your out-of-pocket emergency copayments will actually go down.

Through BlueCross BlueShield, and Medical Mutual, TeamCare participants have access to nearly every hospital and medical provider. In fact, TeamCare is one of the largest preferred provider organization in the country. The doctors and other providers you use in the UPS Company Plan are most likely already part of TeamCare’s network.

A new health policy brings with it many questions. We’re excited to bring you these improvements and invite you to learn more about what they’ll mean for you. All of us at TeamCare are here to help. We want you to understand how these changes will benefit you and your family. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help.