How to Enroll

Whether you’re new to TeamCare or a longtime multi-tiered member getting ready for Open Enrollment, you can use this guide to familiarize yourself with the enrollment process. The exact type of enrollment available to you may vary based on your plan and personal situation.

You can typically enroll in or make changes to your TeamCare plan at three different times:

  • When you're first hired.

    You will need to complete the enrollment process to receive TeamCare benefits for you and your dependents. This process can be completed using our easy-to-follow online form.

  • During Open Enrollment.

    Each fall, members enrolled in a multi-tiered plan will be able to make changes to their coverage level and add or remove dependents using our online Open Enrollment process. If you have no changes to make during Open Enrollment, there’s no action needed from you — simply continue enjoying your current level of coverage.

    Open Enrollment does not apply to members who are covered by composite plans that automatically cover all your dependents.

  • If you have a Special Enrollment Qualifying Event.

    After a life event such as the birth or adoption of a child, or a change in your marital status, you can complete Special Enrollment using our secure online portal within 60 days of the event. If you miss the deadline to notify TeamCare about your Special Enrollment Qualifying Event the change to your coverage can be made during the next Open Enrollment period.

    If your network is Kaiser, please note that the information below may be slightly different for your plan – if you have any questions, you can contact us through the Message Center or at 1-800-TEAMCARE.

Who Can Be Covered?

Your spouse, children, and stepchildren are eligible as dependents under TeamCare.

Coverage for your spouse will continue until your coverage ends, you get divorced, or your spouse enters the military. Coverage for your child will continue until the date your coverage ends, or when your child reaches age 26. However, if you or your spouse are eligible for Retiree Health Plan RU or RV, your child will be covered until age 19 or until they reach age 25 if they are a qualified student.

What Documents You’ll Need

When you’re getting ready to enroll and you’re adding a dependent to your plan for the first time, have the required legal documents on hand and ready to upload. Not sure what documents you’ll need? Check out How to Add a Dependent to find out what documents we may need from you during the enrollment process.

If you need to submit documents, we recommend you send them through the Message Center. Make sure your name and UMI are written on each document you submit for enrollment. If you don’t have access to a scanner, please submit a photo of the document that you took with your phone. Make sure everything on each page is legible and that nothing is cut off.

If you are submitting your documents via mail, please make sure to include the cover sheet from your enrollment packet and mail them to:

PO Box 5112
Des Plaines, IL 60017-5112

What’s Next?

Once you’ve submitted your enrollment online or by mail, we’ll begin processing it. Please note, we may need to request additional documents for review before we finish processing your enrollment.

When Will Coverage Start?

If you’re a new hire, you will typically become eligible for TeamCare coverage the Sunday after we receive eight weeks of contributions on your behalf within a 52-week period. If you’re part of a new employer group and have immediate coverage, the eight-week contribution requirement is waived. Your exact eligibility rules may vary depending on the terms of your employer’s collective bargaining agreement.

If you’re making changes to your coverage through Open Enrollment those changes will become effective at the start of the next plan year. After that, your level of coverage will remain the same until it’s changed again through Open Enrollment or Special Enrollment.

If you’re making a change to your coverage after a Special Enrollment Qualifying Event, your new level of coverage will be effective on the date of the Special Enrollment event.

Have a Question?

Whether it’s your first time enrolling in a health plan, or you’ve been a member with us for years, our CustomerCare Center is here to help if you have any questions or issues during the enrollment process. Contact us through the Message Center or by calling 1-800-TEAMCARE (832-6227).

If you have questions, please send a secure message through the Message Center or call a Benefits Specialist at 1-800-TEAMCARE (1-800-832-6227).