How to Use the Self-Service Features on

Your MyTeamCare account allows you to keep your profile up to date, find a doctor in your area, and get answers to your questions through our Message Center. Find out more about the online self-service options available to you below!


The My Profile page is your go-to place for making sure the information we have on file for you is current, downloading digital ID cards, and choosing how you want to receive documents from us.

Viewing and Updating Personal Information

You can update your personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and web account credentials in the Account Information section of your My Profile page

If you need to make changes to your information, simply select the Edit option in the Account Information section, or click on Account Information in the Preferences sidebar menu. You'll then be able to choose which of your credentials or contact information you'd like to update.

For members who need to update their name, you can submit documentation such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree via the Message Center.

Document Delivery Options

Go paperless and receive your Explanation of Benefits and plan documents electronically — it’s safe, it’s quick, and it’s eco-friendly. You can update your document delivery options from your My Profile page, in the Document Delivery Options card. 

Your Documents

Your plan documents, application forms for special benefits such as short-term disability, and specialty documents such as your Verification of Group Health Plan Coverage are all available to you online on the My Documents page.

Here you can download a PDF version of a document or form, or complete a digital version of the form online, if available.

Your Message Center is the most convenient way to get in touch with us if you have a question or issue with your benefits. It’s safe and secure, and all of your correspondence will be saved for easy online access and record keeping.

You can navigate to the Message Center at any time, from anywhere on, by selecting the Message Center button at the top of the screen. In the New Message form, you can choose a topic for your conversation, and attach any documents that may be needed.

Once you’ve submitted your message one of our Benefits Specialists will respond as soon as possible, typically within 2 to 3 business days. You’ll get a notification via email, as well as on MyTeamCare, when your message has a new reply.

Please note that you should create a new message thread for each question you have, instead of replying to past messages — this helps our Benefits Specialists better help you!

Choosing an in-network doctor or hospital assures that you’re getting the affordable rates exclusively available to TeamCare members. Staying in-network means your out-of-pocket costs will be lower, and you can avoid the penalty that comes from using an out-of-network provider for non-emergency medical care.

You can find a provider in your network and area by going to the Find a Provider page.

For non-medical benefits such as dental, vision, and prescription it’s not necessary that you use a specific provider. However, utilizing our partnerships with networks like EyeMed and CVS gives you optimal coverage and additional advantages. The Find a Provider page will provide you with links to each networks’ provider search page, or a phone number if available.

When you become a TeamCare member, two cards will automatically be mailed to you: your Medical ID card, and your Benefit ID card with information about other benefits that may be included in your plan, such as prescription, vision, dental, lab, and imaging.

If you haven’t received your cards yet, or just want to have a version of the cards available on your smart phone, you can view your digital ID cards here. From there you can download and print a temporary copy of your cards, or save a screenshot to your phone. 

When should you request a new ID card? 

If your cards should ever get lost or stolen, you can request new cards here, as well as track your recent card requests. 

If you are a new member who hasn’t received their card in the mail yet, or if you change your name, or change plans and have a different co-pay, you do not need to request new cards. Cards will be automatically mailed to you.

Still have a question about how to use one of the features on Send your question through the Message Center and a Benefits Specialist will assist you.

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