What are the different tiers? Why doesn’t my employer offer all tiers?

Tier options allow you to decide if you want to cover just yourself or other dependents in your family. There are different tier options available and the tier options available to you are determined as part of the collective bargaining process. Your tier options are listed on your Enrollment Form. Please contact TeamCare via your Message Center or by calling 1-800-TEAMCARE to request a new enrollment form.

Where do I submit change in Enrollment Forms?

All Multi-Tier Enrollment Forms and any applicable documents should be submitted to TeamCare. Mail required documents to the address below, submit via your Message Center, or fax to (847) 518-9768.

P.O. Box 5108
Des Plaines IL 60017-5108

When is the Open Enrollment Period? When will my changes be effective?

Open Enrollment takes place each year in November; TeamCare will notify Members who are eligible to make a change to their level of coverage and Members can make changes for any reason during Open Enrollment. The new tier will be effective the first day of the following year.

If I am not making a change, what do I do during Open Enrollment?

No action is required by the Member since there are no changes. Your tier will remain the same.

Other than during the Open Enrollment Period, when can I make changes to my coverage tier?

A Member is eligible to make a change to their tier if they have a Qualifying Event. A Qualifying Event is a life changing event, such as: Birth/Adoption, Marriage/Divorce, Death, Loss of Coverage.  You have sixty (60) days from the date of the event to complete the Enrollment Form and send it to TeamCare.

I lost my Enrollment Form. How do I obtain another?

Contact CustomerCare via your Message Center or at 1-800-TEAMCARE to request a new Enrollment Form.

I just got married/had a baby. What do I do?

Contact TeamCare via your Message Center or at 1-800-TEAMCARE to request an Enrollment Form. You have sixty (60) days from the date of the event to complete the Enrollment Form and return it to TeamCare.

My spouse lost her/his job and insurance. How can I have them added to my Plan? What documents do you need?

Contact TeamCare to request an Enrollment Form. A Letter of Credible Coverage (or other proof of termination of coverage) must be attached from your spouse’s insurance company stating the last date of coverage. These documents must be submitted to TeamCare within sixty (60) days of the involuntary loss of coverage.

Is there a time limit in notifying TeamCare of my Qualifying Event?

Yes, sixty (60) days.

I missed the deadline for Open Enrollment. What can I do?

No changes in tier can be made until the next Open Enrollment period unless the Member has a Qualifying Event.

I missed the deadline to notify TeamCare about a Qualifying Event. What do I do?

The change to the Member's tier can be made during the next Open Enrollment period. A Member has the right to appeal. To obtain an Appeals Form, please log in to your MyTeamCare account and download the form from the My Plan section of your Dashboard.

My employer is charging me for Family Coverage, but I only elected Member. What do I do?

The Member should contact their employer to advise them that the incorrect amount is being deducted from their paycheck.

Can I decline coverage completely?

No. A Member must maintain a minimum of Member only coverage.