Short-Term Disability

When does my Short-Term Disability Benefit begin?

To receive these benefits, you must be disabled as a result of a non-work-related injury or illness or unable to work due to pregnancy and you must be receiving regular care from your doctor. The start date can vary depending on the reason for disability and when you first see a doctor. Refer to the Table in your Summary Plan Description (Forms and Documents or your Participant Dashboard) for specific details on benefit start dates. 

How long will it take for my Short-Term Disability claim to be processed?

Short-Term Disability claims are processed on a first-in first-out basis. In general, turnaround time is approximately five business days. Refer to payment history to check the status of your claims, visit My Claims.

My doctor said I will be unable to work for six weeks. My next appointment is in six weeks, so why do I need to complete another form before then?

To qualify for continued Short-Term Disability, TeamCare requires you to be under the regular care of a physician. Depending on the type of disability, you may be required to submit additional documentation to support your claims.

I received the maximum benefits under my Short-Term Disability Benefit. However, I am still disabled. Are there any other benefits available to me?

Although the Short-Term Disability Benefit only provides you a weekly payment for a set amount of weeks (see Plan Benefit Profile), you may be entitled for continued medical coverage for the illness that is specifically disabling you from work.

Under the Extended Benefit and Extended Major Medical Benefit, you can receive medical benefits after your Short-Term Disability ends if you meet certain conditions. You will need to apply for this benefit, and eligibility information regarding Extended Benefits can be found under your Summary Plan Description (Forms and Documents or your Participant Dashboard).

What happens if I am disabled again after I return to work?

If your second disability is related to your first disability, you must return to active employment and work for 30 consecutive calendar days before you can begin a new Short-Term Disability period. If your second disability is not related to your first disability, you must return to active employment and work at least one day to qualify for a new Short-Term Disability period.

When does my Short-Term Disability Benefit end?

Short-Term Disability Benefits end when you are no longer disabled, retire or have received the maximum number of week’s payable under your Plan.

Are my Short-Term Disability Benefits taxable? If so, how are they reported to the government?

Your Short-Term Disability Benefits are taxable as income. The benefit amounts are reported to your employer so they can be included in your W2 at year end.  

Can my Short-Term Disability check be deposited directly into my bank account?

No. TeamCare does not currently offer direct deposit of Short-Term Disability Benefit checks at this time.

Is my doctor allowed to charge me a fee to complete my Short-Term Disability Form?

Yes. While many doctors include this fee with their office visit charge, they can bill you separately for completing the form. Additional questions should be discussed with your doctor’s office as TeamCare does not oversee physician billing for administrative services. 

Can I qualify for Short-Term Disability Benefits if I am compensated for vacation, sick or personal days?

No. Short-Term Disability Benefits begin after the last day compensated.

Am I entitled to Short-Term Disability Benefits if I had an on-the-job accident?

Short-Term Disability Benefits are not available for accidents or injuries that are covered under Workers' Compensation. See your Summary Plan Description (Forms and Documents or your Participant Dashboard) for more information on Workers' Compensation.

How many weeks of Short-Term Disability will I receive when I deliver my baby?

A normal vaginal delivery allows you six weeks of Short-Term Disability. In the case of a C-Section you are allowed eight weeks. If you have complications either pre or post-delivery, we will need documentation from your doctor to approve additional Short-Term Disability Benefits. 

Are my dependents eligible for Short-Term Disability?

No. Short-Term Disability is a participant-only benefit.

Is there a time limit for filing Short-Term Disability Claims?

Yes. There is a one-year filing limit from the date of disability.

Is there a different form to complete after my initial application for Short-Term Disability Benefits?

Yes. You first apply for benefits on the Short-Term Disability Initial Report of Disability. During that same disability period, updates can be submitted on the Continued Report of Disability Form. Print a Short-Term Disability form (Forms and Documents or your Participant Dashboard), and mail accordingly by visiting contact us

Am I entitled to Health Benefits while on Short-Term Disability?

Some Plans offer Health Benefits while you are on Short-Term Disability. Refer to your Plan Benefit Profile (Forms and Documents or your Participant Dashboard) for details. If your Plan does not include Health Benefits, you may qualify to make COBRA payments for your family or an extension of coverage for yourself.